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Oval Winter Cover - Deluxe for Oval Above Ground Pools

Oval Winter Cover - Deluxe for Oval Above Ground Pools

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Oval Winter Cover For Oval Above Ground Pools

Please make your cover selection based on your pool dimensions. Actual winter cover dimensions are larger than pool dimensions. Refer to the chart below for cover sizing based on pool size selection. 

12 FT x 18 FT
16 FT x 22 FT 
 12 FT x 25 FT  16 FT x 29 FT
 15 FT x 30 FT  19 FT x 34 FT
16 FT x 32 FT 20 FT x 36 FT
18 FT x 33 FT 22 FT x 37 FT

Protect your above ground pool during the winter with our Triple Layer Woven Polyethylene Round Winter Cover. Made from durable materials, it resists ultraviolet rays and prevents algae growth, ensuring that your pool remains clean and clear all season long. The black weave tapes with blue coating on each side, double chain stitched seams and hems, and tough polypropylene thread provide added strength and durability. Choose the size based on your pool dimensions from our sizing chart, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is protected from harsh winter weather. Shop now at Pool Supply Haus for a great value on winter pool covers.

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