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Waterco Multi Cyclone Centrifugal Pre-Filter MC12

Waterco Multi Cyclone Centrifugal Pre-Filter MC12

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Brand: Waterco
Product Name:
Multi Cyclone MC12
Model Number: FILSW-200371
Connection 1.5" (38.1mm)
Dimensions: 10"W x 22"H (260 mm x 563 mm)
Flow Rate: 79 GPM / 299.04 LPM
Filtration Area: N/A
Replacement Cartridge model #: N/A

MultiCyclone pre-filters up to 80% of the filter’s incoming dirt load easing the workload of the swimming pool filter. As the MultiCyclone intercepts more and more dirt, the flow rate remains unchanged.

  • Improving pool water circulation
  • Enhancing the performance of the automatic pool cleaner and in-floor cleaning system
  • Allowing effective pool vacuuming without burdening the pool filter
  • Minimizing filter maintenance and saving water

Minimize backwash frequency

The installation of a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a sand filter can reduce its backwash frequency to once per year, resulting in a saving of up to 7,000 litres of water per year for an average domestic sized swimming pool.

Minimize cartridge cleaning and replacement

The installation of a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a cartridge filter can reduce filter cartridge cleaning and replacement to once per swimming season and even up to once per year, depending on the size of the cartridge filter.

  • Minimizes filter maintenance and saves water
  • No filter media to clean or replace
  • Suitable for new and existing installations
  • 2-year warranty
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