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Rocky's Solar Blanket Universal Strap Kit - 577

Rocky's Solar Blanket Universal Strap Kit - 577

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Ensure your solar blanket stays securely attached to your reel with Rocky's Universal Strap Kit, designed for exceptional durability and compatibility. This kit includes specially designed strapping and grommets, which are crafted to last as long as your solar blanket. Rocky's vinyl-coated, waterproof straps outperform other straps on the market that break down when exposed to water and pool chemicals. This kit is suitable for both Rocky's brand Solar Reel Systems and other solar reel brands.

Rocky's grommets protect your solar cover from tearing and are designed for easy attachment. The grommets feature a tab that allows you to use rope instead of strapping if desired, and it can also be used to attach a rope pull to your cover for easy pool coverage.

For a step-by-step guide on attaching your solar blanket to your Rocky's reel, refer to the instructional video available online.

Choose the Rocky's Universal Strap Kit from Pool Supply Haus for a reliable and long-lasting solution to secure your solar blanket to your reel.

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