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Rocky's Solar Blanket Universal Strap Kit - 577

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Rocky’s specially designed strapping and grommets will make sure your solar blanket is securely attached to your reel. The grommets are designed for single use and should last as long as your solar blanket. If you need to replace your strapping or grommets, you can purchase a Rocky’s Universal Strap Kit from your local pool store or from one of our online retailers. See the strapping and grommet instructional video on how to easily attach your solar blanket to your Rocky’s reel.

Even if you don’t have a Rocky’s brand Solar Reel System our Universal Strap Kit is a must have when changing a cover.
We are the only solar reel manufacturer that offers a vinyl coated water proof strap. Other manufacturers use a material that is similar to a seat belt and when exposed to water and pool chemicals they break down. This significantly reduces the straps lifespan and causes issues when they fall off.

Rocky’s grommets are designed to protect your cover from tearing and stay together. Our grommets also have a tab that allows you to use rope with them instead of strapping if you prefer. The rope tab also allows you to use Rocky’s grommets to attach a rope pull onto your cover to assist with pulling the cover out onto the pool.