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Intermatic 300 Watt Pool & Spa Safety Transformer - PX300

Intermatic 300 Watt Pool & Spa Safety Transformer - PX300

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Brand: Intermatic
Model Number:  PX300
Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 3 A, 60 Hz
Output Voltage: 12,13 and 14 VAC
Wattage:  300 Watts
Enclosure Dimensions: 7.25" x 5.25" x 4.5" (185mm x 133mm x 114mm)
Enclosure:  Standard Metal

Pool Supply Haus offers safety transformers designed to provide safe and reliable pool and spa lighting systems. Our safety transformers are suitable for direct
connection to underwater pool or spa lights and feature a grounded shield between the primary and secondary winding to ensure safe operation. Plus, our transformers
automatically disconnect power to the transformer in case of an overload.

But that's not all! Our safety transformers come equipped with additional features such as new built-in noise filter, automatic breaker reset, wiring flexibility, and
adjustable voltage. The new built-in noise filter guarantees crystal-clear brightness, while the automatic breaker reset makes restarting the transformer a breeze. Our
transformers also offer wiring flexibility, allowing for a more streamlined installation, and adjustable voltage to customize your pool or spa lighting system with

Put your trust in Pool Supply Haus for a safe and customized lighting experience for your pool or spa.

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