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Sunbubble 5-Year Gold Solar Blanket for Inground Pools

Sunbubble 5-Year Gold Solar Blanket for Inground Pools

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Get the Sunbubble solar pool cover for any in-ground or above-ground pool, from small to Olympic size. The marine blue tint enhances the natural beauty of your pool. The Sunbubble design and unique chemical formula provide durability, efficiency, and long-lasting protection. Reduce the cost of maintaining your pool with this cover that minimizes water and chemical loss due to evaporation. The Sunbubble also increases the efficiency of your pool heater, reducing heating costs. Its translucent material allows the sun’s heat to be absorbed in the water below, raising the temperature by up to 10-15˚ F, enabling you to swim comfortably for more hours and days. Order now from Pool Supply Haus.

Pool Solar Cover Thickness: 11mil

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