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Hayward MaxFlo VS Variable Speed Pump - W3SP2303VSP

Hayward MaxFlo VS Variable Speed Pump - W3SP2303VSP

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Brand: Hayward
Product Name: MaxFlo Variable Speed 
Model Number: W3SP2303VSP
Horsepower: Total HP 1.5HP
Connection: 1.5" x 2" 
Voltage: 230 V


Dive into unparalleled energy efficiency with the Max-Flo VS variable-speed pool pump from Pool Supply Haus! Revolutionize your pool experience while enjoying up to 80% in energy cost savings compared to traditional single-speed pumps. Say goodbye to high utility bills and hello to substantial savings.

Designed as the perfect pool upgrade, the Max-Flo VS stands out among variable-speed pumps, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your pool's needs. Unlike other models on the market, this pump is precisely sized for efficiency, especially in applications with 1.5" or 2" plumbing, making it the ideal choice for Hayward's Max-Flo series.

Make a splash with the all-new Max-Flo VS, your gateway to a greener and more cost-effective pool. Embrace energy savings and a faster return on investment, all while enjoying the refreshing benefits of your pool. Upgrade to Max-Flo VS – where energy efficiency meets unparalleled performance, exclusively at Pool Supply Haus!

Model #W3SP2303VSP

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