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Hayward Check Valve 2" x 2.5" - PSCV2S2DGR

Hayward Check Valve 2" x 2.5" - PSCV2S2DGR

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Brand: Hayward
Product Type:
Hayward PVC Check Valve
Model Number: PSCV2S2DGR
2" Socket or 2.5" Spigot 

Upgrade your pool plumbing system with Hayward's versatile PVC check valve. This high-quality valve can be plumbed using either 2" or 2.5" PVC plumbing, providing flexibility for various pool configurations. Its clear valve cover allows for easy viewing of the sealing mechanism, ensuring proper function and easy maintenance. Made from durable materials, this valve is built to last and withstand the harsh pool environment. Add Hayward's PVC check valve to your pool plumbing system today for reliable and efficient operation.

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