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Hayward 4.2 Lbs In-Line Chemical Feeder - CL100EF

Hayward 4.2 Lbs In-Line Chemical Feeder - CL100EF

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Brand: Hayward
Product Name:
Hayward In-Line Feeder
Model Number: CL100EF
1.5" FPT (Female Pipe Thread)
Dimensions: 4"W x 9"H (101 mm x 228 mm)


Looking for a hassle-free way to keep your pool or spa chlorinated or brominated? Look no further than Pool Supply Haus' Automatic Chlorinators and Brominators. These efficient and maintenance-free systems are designed for both new and existing in-ground and above-ground pools and spas, and work seamlessly with your pump and filter system.


  • Uses either large or small, slow-dissolving Trichlor or Bromine tablets for continuous and even distribution
  • Dial control valve allows for easy feed rate adjustment, ensuring the perfect chlorine or bromine level for your pool or spa
  • Easy-Lok threaded cover makes it safe and convenient to add tablets, while the unique finger-release catch provides extra security
  • With a 4.2-pound tablet capacity, these chlorinators and brominators require less frequent refilling
  • Corrosion-proof and durable, they are designed for long-lasting use

Note: Chemical feeders should always be installed on the return line after the last heating appliance.

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