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Super Gizzmo 2 Inch & 1.5 Inch Skimmer Freeze Protection MKW-6554

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Product Description

  • Screws into 2" & 1.5" skimmer threads and stays in place.
  • Designed to absorb the expansion of winter freeze-up in skimmers. 
  • Brand: Gizzmo
  • For use on in-ground pool skimmers. 
  • Super Gizzmo is 16 inches long and installs in big, deep skimmers. 

The Super Gizzmo skimmer freeze protection device installs into deep skimmers found in-ground swimming pools. The Super Gizzmo has 2 inch and 1-1/2-inch threads and features a generous bar style grip for easy handling. 


  • Lower pool water level.
  • Blow out / clear out plumbing lines.
  • Screw Gizzmo into your skimmer and leave in place.
  • Remove and recycle Gizzmo in spring at pool opening.