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ClearBlue Ionizer System (25,000 Gallons) A800NP

ClearBlue Ionizer System (25,000 Gallons) A800NP

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Brand: ClearBlue Ionizer System - 25,000 Gallons
Model Number: A800NP
 2" Connections with 1.5" reducers
Voltage 120V/230V


The ClearBlue Ionizer System combines ancient knowledge with modern technology for the most advanced digital ionization system available worldwide.

The ClearBlue Ionizer System is the natural solution to controlling bacteria and algae in pools and spas. For use with pool and spas up to 25,000 Gallons | 95,000 Litres in size.

Continually releases praise microscopic ions into the water, controlling bacteria and algae without the danger of using toxic chemicals. Unlike chlorine | bromine, ions are long lasting, they won't dissipate or evaporate and are unaffected by pH, temperature, aeration or sunlight.

  • Clean, Clear and Natural Water.
  • No Chemical Odour.
  • Doesn't Dry Your Skin or Hair.
  • Alternative to Toxic Chemicals.
  • Automated Maintenance.
  • Lower Operating Costs.


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