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Hayward OmniLogic Automation System

Brand: Hayward
Product Name:
OmniLogic 4 Relay Base
Model Number: HLBASE

Eliminate Complexity.With the ability to easily install preconfigured programming, and an icon-based touchscreen directly on the base unit, OmniLogic can save you hours of complicated set-up time.

Easily Scale-up and Expand.Easily expand all capacities and seamlessly add features- from heaters to pumps to lighting.

Stay Cutting Edge.OmniLogic was designed and engineered to advance with automation technology. Our innovative system architecture allows you to easily propagate new capabilities, provide patches, and install and restore configurations quickly and effortlessly.

Simply order and stock parts.Modular configuration provides flexibility and ease of ordering. No other system makes it as simple for builders to order and stock parts that support any configuration.

Modern, intuitive apps for iPhone, iPad and Android provide the look and feel of leading-edge consumer electronics. Adjustable Favorites buttons and backyard theme functions allow your customer to not only customize, but personalize their backyard.

The performance, look and feel of an elite application is just as important as the technology behind it. OmniLogic combines the best in connectivity, versatility and energy-efficient functionality with an intuitive interface that makes the whole system simple to install, program, and use. When you choose OmniLogic, you choose the best.