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Blue Shield

Blue Shield Enviro Blue Thermo Pool Blanket

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A Blue Shield Thermo Pool Blanket is virtually indestructible! It won't crack or split. It won't grow algae in its air cells. It won't become waterlogged and too heavy to lift. The layer of industrial-gauge woven polyethylene fabric makes sure that a Blue Shield pool blanket always keeps its shape!

Both the surface and the foam in the middle of a Blue Shield blanket are unaffected by the sun, frost or chemicals! The smooth, dirt resisting surface of the Blue Shield Pool Blanket offers excellent protection!

How Does it Work?

The Blue Shield Pool Blanket is like a layer of insulation in your pool, operating much like home insulation does. But the Blue Shield does more than keep the heat in, it also reduces expensive chemical evaporation by as much as 66%. Naturally, water evaporation is reduced too, so your bills won't be so high.

Custom Blanket Design

You can cut a standard-sized Blue Shield blanket to fit your pool exactly with just a pair of kitchen scissors.

Enviro Blue Residential Specifications

  • Insulating Foam- 2.2# density 1/8" closed cell poly foam.
  • Buoyancy- 57#/cu.ft.
  • Top & Bottom Fabric- 1175 denier woven polyethylene blue/black coated 2 sides with 2.5 mil L.D.P.E.
  • Tensile Strength- 270 lbf/in ASTM D5034.
  • Dry Unit Weight- 1.25 oz/ft2.
  • Permeability- Non permeable.
  • Water Absorption- Nil
  • Chemical resistance- Excellent
  • Toxicity- Non Toxic
  • Flammability- "0" rating ASTM E-84
  • Grommets- Nil
  • Resistant to Algae- Excellent
  • Warranty- 6 years Manufacture's, material & labour
  • Assembly- Over lapped welded seams

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