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Understanding Your Salt System: Indicator Lights and Common Issues Explained by Pool Supply Haus

A properly functioning salt system is essential for maintaining a clean and clear swimming pool. If your salt system is not working correctly, it can lead to water quality issues. In this guide, Pool Supply Haus will help you understand the indicator lights on your salt system and provide solutions for common issues, including the effects of water temperature on system performance.

Understanding Salt System Indicator Lights - The indicator lights on your salt system provide valuable information about its operation. Here are some common lights you might encounter:

  1. Power Light: Indicates that the salt system is receiving power and is operational.
  2. Generating Light: Shows that the system is actively generating chlorine.
  3. Low Salt Light: Signals that the salt level in your pool is too low, and you need to add more salt.
  4. High Salt Light: Indicates that the salt level in your pool is too high, and you may need to dilute the water.
  5. Inspect Cell Light: Suggests that the salt cell may need cleaning or replacement.
  6. Flow Light: Indicates inadequate water flow through the salt cell, which may be due to a dirty filter, blocked return line or a problem with the pump.

Common Issues and Solutions

Issue: Salt system not generating chlorine possible causes:

  • Low water temperature (below 74°F): Most salt systems do not generate chlorine when the water temperature is below 74°F. As the temperature rises, the system should begin generating chlorine again.
  • Low salt level: Ensure that the salt level in your pool is within the recommended range. If the low salt light is on, add more salt according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Dirty or faulty salt cell: Inspect and clean the salt cell as needed. If the cell is worn or damaged, you may need to replace it.

Issue: Insufficient water flow possible causes:

  • Dirty filter: Clean or replace your pool filter to improve water flow.
  • Blocked return line: Check for any obstructions in the return line and remove them as necessary. Check for a valve that may be closed that should be open.
  • Pump problem: Check the pump to ensure it is running properly and is fully primed with water.

By understanding the indicator lights on your salt system and addressing common issues, you can ensure a well-maintained pool with excellent water quality. If you need further assistance troubleshooting your salt system or have other pool maintenance concerns, reach out to the experts at Pool Supply Haus for professional advice and support.

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